About Us

Thank you for taking some time to learn more about EverythingMeLLC! I started this small business when my daughter was born, I was a stay at home mom and wanted to earn some extra income for that little lady, I needed to be able to provide for not only her but myself as well. I wanted to add some extra money here and there for my little family. So, with some help from my amazing mother, I started EverythingMeLLC. First I sold some baby items on Facebook. That's honestly where it all started, then I bought these mystery boxes and sold those items wherever I was able to. Next I decided to revamp my Etsy, I loved selling Blind Date With A Book's. They were my absolute favorite. That being said, that's why I decided to revamp my store. I wanted it to be something that I enjoyed doing, and that's definitely books. I've always loved books, my favorite place is still the library. I take my daughter there at least once a week, I'm glad I get to share that love with not only her.. but you as well. Thank you for your time!